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ARQUETYPE innovative design and creativity has been dedicatedly transformed into the wearable artistic experience.  




Please keep your jewelry in a secure location away from direct heat and sunlight. We recommend that you keep your jewelry in the original box/bag received with purchase, away from hot or damp conditions. In order to minimize scratching, please wear your jewelry with caution and avoid direct impact with hard surfaces. Remember to remove your jewelry before household work, bathing, swimming and any physically demanding activities. Please avoid corrosive and chemical products such as makeup, lotions, perfumes or detergents.  




We recommend that you gently polish your jewelry using a soft dry cloth after each use. If there are any signs of discoloration or oxidization over the course of time and usage, please clean your jewelry by soaking the item in the jewelry cleaner for 15 seconds, returning the surface to its original gloss.  


Cautious care will help preserving the original appearance of your jewelry. Please note that your jewelry will naturally tarnish over time. At some point, a new layer of plating may be required.


For more information on jewelry care and plating services please contact

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