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CORE Collection -


Inspired by the timelessness of global architectural sculptures and designs, this collection redefines the significance of everyday body adornment. 


‘Sharp, Structural, Masculinity’ reflects ARQUETYPE’s distinct DNA and passion to create wearable modern art and architectures that challenge the universal perception of jewelry. The design of tomorrow, this postmodern collection combines the clean-sharpness signature of our brand with the aim to expose and uncover the core aesthetic of architectonic structure. 


Through engineered dissection, the picturesque construction unveils the truest form of ‘Metal and Cement’ that signifies the ‘Flesh and Bone’ of human. More than a jewelry, each tangible piece functions as a constant reminder to the core essence of mankind. 


The creative twist on the words ‘CO’nstruction’ and ‘RE’construction’ ultimately echoes the intention and identity of the ‘CORE’ collection. To wear our jewelry is to be reminded of who you are underneath.  


• Best Accessories Collection Award 2017 QURATED

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